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The Operator Belt is compatible with most accessories. The utility loops secure items and allow the belt to be removed leaving your gear attached. The Operator Belt works best with our Base Belt.

Add a Base Belt and save 15%

  • 4,000 lb-rated COBRA buckle
  • Extra-rigid reinforced dual-layer 1.75" nylon webbing
  • Fully Velcro lined
  • VELCRO lined 1" nylon webbing tail
  • Integrated 2.5" utility loops
  • Two rear attachment points


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5 Stars
Operator Belt

Jeff, It has been a pleasure to use your gear, I had the opportunity to use both the belt and sling, and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made for me. The Belt: The system worked wonderfully and I was able to use it for a variety of different mission sets. Whether it be shooting with an M4, or an M40, stalking, or conducting fire and movement, the belt held up each time. Usually after doing something like stalking and fire and movement my hips would have been rubbed raw and been in a ridiculous amount of pain. The ease of switching out pouches for the different missions is another perfect quality of the system. As you know that can be a hell of a long process and you end up spending a ridiculous amount of money just to try and make your life easier by purchasing more belts and more pouches. Before stalking I was a little skeptical that the Velcro would not hold up. But even after skull dragging over branches and swamp the belt didn’t budge. After being wet I was able to transition straight into a patrol and into my live fire drills without having any issues what so ever. ‘ There is only one thing that I would change would be to add some sort of hook in the front or bag to attach a carabiner for a drag bag. I ended up hooking it around the whole front of the belt which did tend to be somewhat uncomfortable, but it managed just fine. Other than that nit pick, I have had nothing but good experiences with the system. JC

5 Stars
Operator Belt

I'm finally done searching for a belt to carry with. This is the most comfortable heavy duty belt I have ever owned. The cobra buckle gives you the security you want while carrying anything you could possibly need to with zero sag.