Hilt - Flexible Stretcher - Model 14T: Tactical Version

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36.00 Ounces

The Hilt - Human Injury Limiting Tool is six different patient handling products in one. The Hilt addresses injury prevention and versatility. This flexible stretcher allows you to lift and carry a supine or seated patient, carry a patient up or down stairs, conduct a single person rescue, conduct a lateral transfer, and can be combined with a backboard. 

  • Dimensions without extenders deployed: 24"W x 87"L
  • Dimensions with extenders deployed: 58"W x 87"L
  • Length of safety aprons: 60"
  • Material: Poly-pro webbing/Non-woven sheeting/Latex free
  • Lifting capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Maximum number of users: 14 


  1. Low lift base handles (4) - one on each corner
  2. High lift base handles (4) - two on each side
  3. Extenders (10) - five on each side
  4. Safety straps (2) - upper body and lower body